Upcoming Games Xbox One for 2018 That You Need To Check Out

With the rivalries raging on between Microsoft and Sony, one can never tire of all the fantastic titles that come out from their brands, and on their respective consoles. However, there is an inconvenient flipside to this scenario. Once in a while, you will get a game that will either be an Xbox or a PlayStation exclusive. Now that Microsoft has let the world feast their eyes on the Xbox One X, we can only expect the rivalry to get more intense. But if you happen to be an Xbox devotee, then this is the time for you to rejoice. These are our top selections for the best upcoming games Xbox One.

The Best Upcoming Games for Xbox One/ Xbox One X

There is only one name that comes to our minds when we speak of our most anticipated Xbox One X title, but if you have no plans to buy the new console soon, you do not need to fret. We know that Microsoft is discontinuing the original Xbox One, which means that the line is officially shrinking to just two remaining products. But the humble original is not dying anytime soon, and thus, Xbox One fans will be able to indulge in the ultimate upcoming sandbox title that we commence to talk about now.

Crackdown 3

CrackDown 3

While this little gem has been in the works for a long time, leading to rumors in the middle that it had been quietly shelved, Crackdown 3 is alive and kicking. And if the gameplay samples are anything to go by, you will experience every bit of the blast (pun intended) that you may have come to expect. The whole point of Crackdown 3, one of the best upcoming games Xbox One, is pretty simple; you’re working with the Agency to take down a despicable crime boss who has ruptured the peace of the city. But the progression system and strategies required have been carefully crafted to make it an explosive journey. You can expect this game to come out in 2018, although with the number of times it has been delayed, we have our fingers crossed.

Honorable Mentions

While the title above is easily the most coveted one among Xbox One games for 2018, there are a few others that we are equally pumped about. Among these, Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Redemption 2, Ubisoft’s Far Cry 5, and EA’s Anthem rank very high on the list. Do make sure to check them out.

Wrap Up

We have included only one Xbox-exclusive title on the list of the best upcoming games Xbox One because we didn’t feel PS4 owners to feel left out. But if you have a name that you don’t want to miss next year, regardless of platform support, let us know.

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