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TuTu App For Android: An Easy Download Guide

Easily available as they might be, not all apps commercially available are that great. One big exception is the TuTu app, which has the unique distinction of not only being free and easy to use but also offering many great features as well. Not too many people actually know about the TuTu app for Android and so we have devised a small guide for all our readers. We will discuss why you should use the app and will also show you how to use it.

TuTu App for Android: Why Use It?

In case you missed it, a few details as far as the TuTu app is concerned. This app is a Chinese store which works both for the Android as well as the iOS platforms. Perhaps one of the choicest features of the app is the fact that it will provide all users complete access to the Pokemon GO game without paying any money. Besides, the hacked versions of the user’s favorite games are also made available, which is pretty rare for any app.

Being an app store, the TuTu app for Android also has a lot of other features which make it a joy to use. It has a clean and pretty accessible user interface which is pretty easy to use. The TuTu app will also let you download other independent apps without any extra charge. In many respects, therefore, the TuTu app is actually a different version of your standard app store, not very unlike other stores like Google’s Play Store and Apple App Store.

TuTu app download for Android
Download TuTu App for Android

TuTu App For Android: How To Download

A few things which must be cleared before we move to the download process. It is always advisable to download the most recent and the most updated Apk file whenever you are installing anything on your Android device. In this case, the latest version of TuTu Apk for download was released in April this year. The version name is 2.2.32, and the file size is just above 6MB, which is very light. Some minor bugs have now been fixed. The app is now more feature packed.

  •  Go to the Settings menu on your Android-powered device. Now, go to the Security section. Once there, turn on Unknown Sources to be able to download the Apk file from any website that you trust.
  • Download the TuTu App Apk file for Android and install it.
  • Once installation is complete, restart the device.
  • TuTu App for Android devices is now ready for use.

Wrap Up

We hope you have successfully downloaded TuTu app for Android. Now enjoy the experience of using this app and in case if have any issues, do let us know.

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