iPad Mini 5 getting Nil updates: Phones or iPads? People are choosing the Prior as their favorite.

With the WWDC event alongside Tim Cook, CEO of Apple’s speech astounded us, with the latest news that revealed those secret features coming along with the iOS 11. However, with surprises came some bad news, not only with iOS but also some other devices of Apple that are not going to unveil an updated version. Certainly, Apple’s serious fans do expect a lot from the true blue tech giant, but that’s only because fans have always loved how Apple brings innovation every time it launches a new flagship.

It’s just not iOS 11 that is coming with “not so trendy” features, though we are getting hosts of beneficial features with iOS 11. But iPad Mini, as announced is not going to be unveiled with a new version of iPad Mini 5. And the iPad Mini 4 is supposedly the last Apple’s iPad Mini. During the Worldwide Developers Conference, on Monday, Apple announced some updates that will be brought in iPad Mini. First of all, the iPad Pro of both 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch are going to roll out with some massive updates. Meanwhile, iPad Mini series has been neglected, in the queue of iPads. On a probable note, the iPad Mini series is on life support.

iPad Mini 5 Release Date

Fans who want to own a cheaper iPad can purchase the 9.7-inch iPad which is pegged with a price of $320. Less expensive than that of iPad Mini 4 (supposedly higher price of $399), on the contrary, if you fancy a giant and powerful iPad, then go for the all-time-favorite “the” iPad Pro. On a serious note, it is a fact that the entry level iPad alongside the iPhone 7 Plus are now more popular than the iPad Mini. With due respect to fans’ favor, Apple is now going to keep the iPad Mini series and might discontinue it after a certain point of time.

Debuted in the year 2012, iPad Mini was a hot thing for fans to grab it from the market. And gone are the days, when full-sized iPads were a heavy weighted. Back then everyone was excited for the tablets of Nexus 7 along with the Kindle Fire. And surely, gone are the days forever, when phone screens featured just 3.5-inch display. Fans wanted something light-weighted, and therefore, iPad Mini came in the highlight. It was a perfect cherry on the cake, for browsing the web, reading emails, etc. To watch movies, the feature gave fans a small screen display; otherwise, the device was just perfect and portable. But now those phones have become bigger and iPads lighter, people chose the prior over iPads. Since the tablet market is not anymore booming, Apple decided to stop here with no bells and whistles for particularly the iPad Mini 5.


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