Fifa 18 Features and Specs

Getting To Know The Features Of FIFA 18

FIFA 18 is one of the most talked about topic for gamers right now as it is a highly anticipated game. Ever since it was announced by the developers, fans are going crazy about it and cannot seem to wait to get to know it. It will release in fall of this year. To be specific, it will release in September 2017. In this article, we will get to know the features of this game. So, let us begin.

Authentic Player Personalities

The new edition of FIFA will include improved and better personalities of the players. It refers to the fact that players will behave with more authenticity, both on and off the ball. This will help to incorporate individuality to an assortment of some of the best football players of the world.

Varied Team Styles

This new edition of the game will also incorporate new team styles to the series. Some of them are high press and tiki-taka. It is being expected that CPU sides will be able to take benefit of this particular features and add in more diversity to offline gameplay in the process. Another feature that can be expected is the aspect of improved tactics.


Enhanced Dribbling

Fans were not too happy with the dribbling mechanisms of three last edition of the game, which was FIFA 17. Therefore, the developers have made sure that this feature of the game gets their deepest attention.  In FIFA 18, a dribbling overhaul has been planned. This will enable the players to “inject more creativity into 1v1 situations”. It is being expected that the dribbling overhaul feature will help to curb the one-dimensional feel that the game has and give it a more realistic look.

Presentation Improvements

In FIFA 18, the power of Frostbite will be used, which will significantly improve the presentation of the game in a drastic way. Better commentary, improved crowds, huge overhaul, and much more will give the game a never before seen look. We can expect an authentic replica of crowds from around the world, helping to incorporate splendid immersion to the FIFA match day experience.

Ultimate Team on the Switch

A number of features such as online and offline seasons, FUT draft, squad building challenges, among others will be available in both portable and docked mode at 720p and 1080p respectively. The ultimate Team will make its way to Nintendo Switch, although Journey won’t.  Although fans would miss out a couple of features, the Switch seems to become the most amazing way to play FIFA’s most popular mode on the go. This is keeping fans excited.

Upgrades to the Journey

The news edition of the game will follow the tale of Alex Hunter once again. This mode debuted in FIFA 17 in 2016. It is set to feature more varied locations and big names. This has been hinted by the mode’s trailer, the potential of real-world cutscenes. Although fans were hoping to see a create-a-player feature in FIFA 18, Hunter’s journey remains far from over, and fans are excited to see where it goes next.

So, these are the features that have fans excited for them. We can only hope that they get to enjoy and reap the benefits of these features once the game releases.


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