Best 5 Car Battery Brands Available in the Market

We often look at a car’s interior as well as exterior before getting our hands on it. People certainly pay heed to its outlook first but they seldom miss out on checking its battery. Earlier the cars used to function with the help of crank mechanism and later on the electric cars came into the picture which function with the help of ignition.

And talking about automotive batteries of a car, it happens to be a rechargeable battery which gives electric energy to a particular car. There are several well-known companies which manufacture some of the best batteries for cars, and in this article you will get an insight into best 5 car batteries which are a must buy.

Check Out the Best 5 Car Batteries which are Available in the Market

Optima Car Battery

The Optima car battery is known as one of the best one among the whole lot. It comes with 720 cold cranking amps and measures a size of 9.38 x 7.69 x 6.75-Inches while it weighs 31.7 pounds. This particular battery designed by Optima is quite durable due to which it certainly falls under the list of top 5 car batteries.

ACDelco Car Battery

Yet another great battery for cars which boosts the battery life and improves the performance and the silver calcium stamped alloy helps it in doing so. The back of the battery is puncture resistant and the battery also prevents shorts. Therefore, the ACDelco battery is certainly a must buy for all those who looking out for a great and sustainable battery for their cars.

Odyssey Car Battery

We cannot miss out on Odyssey while talking about the 5 best car batteries. It comes with a 20 percent longer life cycle and has a great recharge efficiency. And the Odyssey car batteries are capable of getting 100 percent recharged within 4 to 6 hours.

Mighty Max Car Battery

This particular battery comes with a dimension of 7.68 inches x 7.14 inches and this rechargeable battery can actually be mounted in whichever position you want to. It is durable and definitely long lasting. Therefore, one should get his/her hands on the Mighty Max car battery.

ExpertPower Car Battery 

This particular car battery has acquired a lot of great reviews and has been referred by several people. It comes with 12 volts and weighs 27 pounds. This battery is known for its 10 hour deep cycle sealed lead acid feature which is certainly the best part about it.

Now that you have got an idea about the best 5 car batteries which are available in the market, you should not be having any sort of problem in selecting the best among the whole lot. you can checkout the buying guide for car battery here.

Wrap Up

Before getting your hands on the best car batteries, you should be knowing about the size as well as the warranty and the availability of it. All the above mentioned car batteries are easily available on most of the e-commerce sites due to which won’t have any problem in purchasing them. So go ahead and pick the best one now. you need to change your car wiper blades on regular basis, check out the our detail wiper blades reviews.

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