Apple iOS 11

Apple iOS 11 Expected to render a Number of Apps Incompatible

With the advent of the twenty-first century, the world of technology a number of new things coming in and a lot of old practices being getting extinct. The field of the smartphone has seen a number of new things been incorporated into the overall development that has been taking place in technology. And the leading tech companies which are based out of the different parts of the world have a big role to play in such developments which have taken place in the recent past.

Whenever we speak of the leading tech companies, the first and foremost name that comes to our name is Apple. It has been ten years of Apple Inc., and we have seen some extraordinary electronic gadgets from the US-based brand. It has set the trend for itself as far as the gadgets are concerned, and every passing day the expectations are reaching new heights. Quite extra-ordinarily Apple has managed to live up to the expectations. And this year as well each and every one is waiting eagerly for the launch of a number of electronic gadgets from Apple, and along with that, we are also waiting keenly for the launch of the latest software update from the Cupertino-based tech giant.

It is believed that the Apple iOS 11 is going to be bringing in a number of innovations which is bound to leave the users awestruck. Before we go into the new things that are expected to come in with the launch of the Apple iOS 11, we make an attempt to take a look at the few things that might not sound great for the users as well as the other developers who are depending on the latest software update.

Apple iOS 11

It has been reported almost everywhere that Apple iOS 11 is going to leave a number of apps incapable of running on the Apple devices which will support the iOS 11 update. This has been one thing that has left the whole world of technology somewhat in a state of shock. The 32-bit apps which are currently running pretty efficiently on the Apple iPhones will not reportedly once the user updates the software to iOS 11. In fact, already, warnings are being sent out to the users that the respective apps might not work once the next update of the software gets rolled out.

This has left both the users as well as the developers of the apps really in a lot of trouble. It has been not long ago that the app developers were somewhat forced to update their apps in order to keep the apps compatible with the Apple iPhone. However, despite this controversial issue regarding the Apple iOS 11, there are a number of new things that are expected to come out once the Apple iOS 11 comes out on the market. An updated Siri, the much-anticipated ‘Theatre Mode’ and a number of other things are expected to come with iOS 11. Now it remains to be seen how things eventually turn out to be and for that, we need to wait until iOS 11 Release Date which is expected to taking place soon.

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